UL Certification for CO2 Copper Fittings

Our entire selection of CO2 Copper Fittings has recently received UL Certification! As an industry leader with our Copper Fittings, we plan to keep consistently outdoing ourselves in quality and service. With zero reported failures since 1999, and the quality of our fittings consistently being one step ahead of the competition; we’re here to fit your needs.

  • ASME Standards
    NDL ensures copper quality content and strict adherence to meet or exceed ASME B16.22 standards for wall thickness.
  • High Burst Pressure
    Our high-pressure copper-iron alloy fittings are tested for actual burst pressure with the results exceeding 3 times the design pressure.
  • Brazing Made Simple
    The fittings have tight tolerances on the cup side for a stronger joint with the tube and easier brazing.
  • Easily Identifiable
    Each fitting is marked with “CO2 130 BAR” and OD size for easy field identification. It also aids the contractor in the field once the fitting is removed from the box.
  • Poly-Bagged and Clean
    NDL poly-bags the fittings before packaging them inside the box. It is important to the refrigeration system to keep the fittings clean; contaminants can cause expensive and destructive malfunctions. This organizational feature also saves time and money when clients count their inventory, they count boxes and not individual fittings.
  • Unparalleled One-Year Warranty
    Our 1-Year Warranty proves that we have confidence in our fittings and that they can be trusted in the field. Our fittings have had zero reported failures since 1999.

Our CO2 Service Tees

When working with CO2 refrigeration systems, it’s important to consider the high-pressure levels involved. Access ports commonly used in regular refrigeration systems may not be suitable for use with CO2 systems, as the Schrader valve seal can break under pressure, necessitating the venting of the entire line.

To avoid this issue, it is recommended to use a service valve that can be closed, enabling workers to easily connect and disconnect equipment as needed. While installing a service valve may require more time upfront, it is generally preferred by workers who regularly service equipment.

Our Tee fittings are designed specifically for the installation of service valves, streamlining the process and ensuring a secure, leak-free seal. By using a service valve and our specialized fitting, you can prevent high-pressure problems and make your work more efficient.

Our CO2 Service Tees are one of our many competitive advantages because we are the only company that currently offers them. If you want to learn more about them, contact us today!

CO2 Service Tees
CO2 Service Tees