Sight Glass

Available in both Sweat (ODF) and Flare (SAE)- configurations, the full brass body sight glass uses special litmus paper that returns to its original color once the system is cleaned, eliminating the need to change the eye.

  • Versatile Connection Options
    Heavy Brass Body with extended copper ends for sweat and also standard Flare ends. Tube ends are oven-brazed onto a brass body, with a maximum working pressure of 600 PSI.
  • Reliability
    Bi-directional flow and leak-proof design ensure reliable performance in diverse refrigeration environments.
  • Compatibility
    Compatible with CFC, HFO, FCFC, HFC refrigerant, and oils.
  • Moisture Detection System
    Positive color contrast- Yellow=wet; Green=dry
  • Special Order
    Replaceable eye is available via special order.
  • Size Range
    Sizes ¼” – 7/8” in sweat and ¼”- ¾” in Flare.

Certifications and Approvals:

  • UL/cUL 207 Recognized
  • Solder ends comply with ANSI B16.18
  • Threaded ends comply with UNF standards
Sight Glass
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