Sight Glass Product List

Part numbers are subject to change. Not all products are listed. Contact Customer Service for more information.

PicturePart No.Product Description
Sight Glasses - M x F Flare
NG-3/8-MFNDL Sight Glass, 3/8" M x F Flare
NG-1/2-MFNDL Sight Glass, 1/2" M x F Flare
NG-1/4-MFNDL Sight Glass, 1/2" M x F Flare
NG-5/8-MFNDL Sight Glass, 5/8" M x F Flare
NG-3/4-MFNDL Sight Glass, 3/4" M x F Flare
Sight Glass Core Replacement
NRG 3/4 NPTSight Glass Core Replacement
Sight Glasses (SAE)
NGN-1/4-FSight Glass SAE 1/4"
NGN-3/8-FSight Glass SAE 3/8"
NGN-1/2-FSight Glass SAE 1/2"
NGN-5/8-FSight Glass SAE 5/8"
NGN-3/4-FSight Glass SAE 3/4"
Sight Glasses (ODF)
NGN-1/4-SSight Glass 1/4" ODF
NGN-3/8-SSight Glass 3/8" ODF
NGN-1/2-SSight Glass 1/2" ODF
NGN-5/8-SSight Glass 5/8" ODF
NGN-3/4-SSight Glass 3/4" ODF
NGN-7/8-SSight Glass 7/8" ODF
NGN-1-1/8-SSight Glass 1-1/8" ODF
Sight Glasses - Replaceable Core (SAE)
NGS-1/4-FSight Glass SAE 1/4" Replaceable Core with Nuts
NGS-3/8-FSight Glass SAE 3/8" Replaceable Core with Nuts
NGS-1/2-FSight Glass SAE 1/2" Replaceable Core with Nuts
NGS-3/4-FSight Glass SAE 3/4" Replaceable Core with Nuts
NGS-5/8-FSight Glass SAE 5/8" Replaceable Core with Nuts
Sight Glasses - Replaceable Core (ODF)
NGS-1/4-SSight Glass 1/4" ODF Replaceable Core
NGS-3/8-SSight Glass 3/8" ODF Replaceable Core
NGS-1/2-SSight Glass 1/2" ODF Replaceable Core
NGS-5/8-SSight Glass 5/8" ODF Replaceable Core
NGS-3/4-SSight Glass 3/4" ODF Replaceable Core
NGS-7/8-SSight Glass 7/8" ODF Replaceable Core