About Us

NDL Industries Inc. is the premier producer of ACR Copper Fittings and Ball Valves
NDL started in 1987 as a mechanical engineering firm, consulting to the refrigeration industry in Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand. In 1998, the engineers at NDL recognized a need for more complete ACR copper fitting as new refrigerants emerged. The focus at NDL shifted from consulting to production, with the result being an elite ACR Copper fitting like no other in the industry.

There are an increasing number of trading companies that import copper fittings at an attractive price. Those companies have no control over the quality, standard, and capabilities of the product they are importing. NDL’s fittings are manufactured to exceed and out perform any other fitting in the industry. NDL requires the highest level of quality control throughout the design and production process.

Our history of zero failures since 1999 is our testament to our concerns over production quality. The NDL "Ultimate Protection Warranty" is our pledge to our customer that we will continue to perform at this high level and will not sacrifice quality for price.

Today NDL is the industry leader when it comes to copper fittings and ball valves. Our products comply (and actually exceed) the industry standards. They are in use with CO2 systems in many supermarkets around the world.

What customers are saying:

“We were able to gain our refrigeration business back using your ACR fittings”

“After switching our ball valve business to NDL we have seen a drop in leak rate and an increase in sales”

“We have come to value NDL as a high-quality and cost-effective supplier – thank you for your outstanding work…”

“We have developed a true partnership over the years: we can always rely on the superior quality of your products and the outstanding after sale service of the NDL team.”

“Fantastic shipping terms, excellent product and an outstanding team, that is what keeps us coming back to NDL Industries Inc., keep up the great work!”

“You guys are doing a great job for us and I couldn’t be more pleased…”


Message from the President

I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website, whether you are new to NDL or already a customer. Here at NDL we don't think of you as a client, rather as an important partner!

Over the last decade we have seen incredible growth at NDL. Some of the major contributing factors to that growth have been the excellent product, our Ultimate Protection Warranty, dedicated customer support, professional sales team and a fair price.

Although we are not dealing with a glamorous product, the NDL team has come up with many unique changes to make the fittings better......after all it is our product that keeps your refrigerant on the inside! Our team of engineers constantly work on new improvements and ideas. You can be assured that the product you get from NDL has gone through extensive tests and quality control steps to ensure it will outperform your expectations.

Every member of our professional sales team understands that integrity, quality, and service are of utmost importance to maintaining a strong partnership with you.

I am proud to say that we have never lost a client, nor have we had a failed product to date! I plan on keeping it that way.